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Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality is an action that is equivalent to the removal of Green House Gases (GHGs) from the atmosphere that are emitted due to manufacturing/ delivery of products and/or services of the organizations and individuals. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve zero carbon footprints for such products and services. In today’s world that is plagued by catastrophic climate change, the organizations worldwide are actively going for carbon neutrality to build a green supply chain, catalyze sustainable growth and build low-carbon legacy.

For developing the pre and post 2020 climate vision, the governments and businesses, are adopting carbon neutrality and carbon mitigation strategies and implementing various policies and project. The clear reasons for these organisations to adopt the path for carbon neutrality are the following.

To adopt a great marketing strategy to make zero-carbon products/services and be part of green supply chain.

  • To promote sustainable development of region and low carbon economy.
  • To receive carbon neutrality certifications
  • To use an effective tool to demonstrate organizational commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • To save natural resources while lowering carbon footprints.
  • To join the elite group of regional/global organizations, working towards climate change mitigation; in practice it means to be the part of GCT’s compendium of climate leaders.
  • To avail the opportunity for extensive national/international communication