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Submit A Project

The owners of GHG reduction projects may submit either the brief information on project to discuss with GCT or submit the project documentation either through following web-based interface or email it to us at Project owners should complete and upload the “Project Submission Form” for the project. The submission is assessed by GCT to check project´s eligibility under GCT program and emission reduction calculations. A project is considered “submitted” when all of the appropriate forms have been completed and submitted through the GCT website. Projects must be submitted before the start date of the project which is defined as the date when the project starts to reduce or avoid GHG emissions.

While assessing the submission for its eligibility and completeness, GCT may request the project owner for additional information, or revision of the submission. Upon receiving submission, the completeness check and eligibility check are again performed and only completed submissions are uploaded on GCT website, except those documents which are requested to be kept confidential by project owners.

For details refer the GCT Program Processes document.

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